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From the scenic mountain ranges of the north to the sugar-sand beaches of the south, and the abundance of forests and waterways in-between, Alabama is deeply rooted in a richness unique to the nature of America’s southland.

Alabama might have earned its moniker “The Cotton State” for its mass-production of the crop, but these days it’s all about peanuts. Alabamans lead the nation as one of the top peanut-producing states. The state’s economy is not solely dependent on agricultural production. Pulitzer winners, famous musicians, sports legends and revolutionary figures have all occupied its 52,000 square miles. In fact, it is the only state that has a city known as Rocket City. Huntsville, Alabama has been ranked as the best place in the country for engineers and even called the STEM Capital of the country.

“Sweet Home Alabama” isn’t the official state song but it’s definitely a state of mind. The state is ripe with traditions as sweet as their glass of tea in an ice cold mason jar. It’s the place where strangers smile and wave to one another; where local craftsmanship is celebrated and hospitality is expected.

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