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From the snow-capped peaks of North America’s highest point, Mt. Whitney, to the 76-mile descent into the dry desert-heat of the continent’s lowest point, Death Valley, California offers a rich landscape as uniquely diverse as the nearly 38 million people who call it home.

California has, by far, the nation’s largest economy. Even its one-word motto “Eureka”, represents the bounty of treasure excavated during the thrilling days of the Gold Rush. It’s major capital is not generated by the multi-million dollar neighborhoods and rich and famous lifestyles’ of Los Angeles. The majority of the state’s wealth is actually in northern California’s San Francisco Bay area. A leading hub for billion-dollar global technology companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook, Silicon Valley accounts for one-third of the nation’s total venture capital.

Some might argue California’s most valuable resources can be found within its ecologically diverse environments. Making up nearly all of the nation’s western border, its north-to-south vertical spans allows for a climate so diverse that it is the only state to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. As the leading state for most yearly outdoor festivals, Californians’ are always finding ways to celebrate all of the richness that make up “The Golden State.”

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