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From the breathtaking natural springs of the “fountain of youth”, to the cloud-laden views from atop the 190-foot Skyway Bridge, there’s plenty of reasons why millions of people choose to celebrate in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s economy is as unique as its cultural landscape. Among tourism and retirees as main factors as the state’s money making resource is up in the trees. Florida provides the whole country with oranges. In 2012, Florida produced 70 percent of oranges in the U.S. And that’s important, since our country’s per-person consumption of oranges is higher than that of any other fruit.

And, Florida is bigger than most realize. A four-hour drive will take you from Disney World® in Orlando to the shores of Miami Beach — and that’s a short trek. If you travel down to the panhandle, prepare to be greeted by a different type of habitat – a refuge for wildlife and plants of the Everglades. But really, no matter where you are within the state, you're never more than 60 miles from the nearest body of saltwater.

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