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From the sun-drenched white sandy beaches to nature’s oldest living creation east of the Mississippi, and the colorful landscape of its quintessential southern gardens, South Carolina is chock-full of natural charm as sweet as its hospitality.

With plenty of manufacturing plants, suppliers and other companies, the state’s skilled workforce and strong infrastructure make South Carolina a premier location for corporations large and small. Luckily, with a large portion of the population living in small towns, there’s never too much traffic. Even big cities like Columbia and Charleston only have commute times of 17 and 21 minutes, respectively.

The small-town, local charm of this state is as common as the rocking chairs that adorn its wrap-around porches. Not to mention the southern accent is as thick as the sugary syrup you’ll find in their sweet tea. Put all of these features together, and the Palmetto State is basically paradise on earth.

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