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Why Buy New?

Benefits of Buying New...

Did you know that Homeownership may provide the following benefits over renting?

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New Pre-Owned
New homes may offer you the opportunity to customize the home to match your personality. 2 Final repairs and renovation costs could exceed your initial budget.
New homes tend to be built in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations. 1 Inspections could surface structural, electric, water and other significant issues. These inspections also could surface out-of-code violations. 1
New homes are often times built with new technologies, energy efficient standards and building practices. This, in-turn, may give you a much safer and efficient home. 1 The design of the home and amenities may not match your personality and you could be limited in customization options. 2
*Other new home advantages may be offered to you depending on the D.R Horton homes offered in your area.


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