The joy of your new D.R. Horton home

without the stress of selling your current one.

sell your home

Zillow Pig

Get a $2,000 closing credit on your current home

and a free or discounted local move

when you purchase from D.R. Horton and sell your current home through the Zillow Offers program.

sell your home

This is selling made simple.

Zillow Repairs

No repairs or open houses

Skip the hassle of prepping your current home while trying to plan your upcoming move.

Zillow Closing

Align with the close of your new home

Pick any closing date that’s between 7 days to 8 months away so you’re not stuck paying two mortgages or moving twice.

Zillow Support

Count on dedicated support

Get on-call support from your Zillow Advisor and easily track progress on your dashboard.

Zillow Pricing

Transparent pricing

Our competitive offers are based on an in-depth market analysis. We automatically deduct our fees and cost of repairs so you know your net proceeds upfront.

Terms and conditions The Homebuilder Partner Reward Program (“Homebuilder Rewards”) is an incentive program offered by Zillow Homes, Inc. (“Zillow Homes”) as part of the Zillow Offers program (“Zillow Offers”). Zillow Offers is promoted by Zillow, Inc. (“Zillow”). If you sell your home to Zillow or its affiliates through the Zillow Offers program and purchase a new home from D.R. Horton, you can qualify for a closing credit of $2,000 on the home you sell through the Zillow Offers Program and free or discounted moving services from Bellhop, Inc. for residential moving services, subject to a $2,000 cap. In order to be eligible for the closing credit and moving benefit, you must (i) accept a cash offer through the Zillow Offers program, and (ii) purchase your new house from D.R. Horton. If all requirements are met, you will be entitled to the closing credit and moving benefit. Your closing credit will be reflected on your closing statement of the home you sell through the Zillow Offers program. The moving benefit is only available when you move into a new home within 50 miles of the home you sell through the Zillow Offers program and where Bellhop provides services. Participation in Homebuilder Rewards is optional and is NOT required in order to obtain a cash offer through Zillow Offers or other services from Zillow. Zillow has the right to modify or cancel the Homebuilder Rewards at any time. Qualifying for Homebuilder Rewards requires you to complete the purchase transaction of your new home from D.R. Horton. It is not the intent of Zillow or its affiliates to solicit the offering of any licensed real estate agent. This offer is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please visit for additional information. Not all homes eligible. Zillow, Inc. has a real estate brokerage license in select states. See for details.