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Frequently asked questions

Warranty requests

Not all of our divisions accept pictures through the online Warranty and Service Request form.  You are welcome to share those pictures, on premise, with the warranty personnel who are working on your request.

Please review the RWC Guide for information about warranty transfer.  The RWC Guide can often be found by selecting your state on the Customer Care tab of the  website.

Building a new home

From our homepage at, enter the city/state where you are interested in building. From there you can see the communities and floorplans that we are currently offering. The community page will provide you with contact information for our sales representatives who are happy to help you through the process. You may also want to visit our link to DHI Mortgage where you can use our online tools to estimate what the mortgage payment might be for the home to help you narrow your search for your new home.

Thank you for your interest in D.R. Horton.  At this time, we only build homes on property we own; however, we have homes and lots available across most of the United States.

When the community is ready to begin development it will appear on the D.R. Horton website.  Keep checking and search for your desired area. Until then, complete a Contact Us Form and let us know what area you are interested in and a representative will contact you when the sales office is open.

Who should I contact

Go to and select the state in which your home is located.  You can then find the local office you should contact.

Go to to find your loan originator.

You can either go to, call 800-835-7602 or email [email protected].

Please submit your proposal at the Property Submittal section on the Customer Care tab.

Requests for charitable contributions should be directed to the division office in your community.  Please call the D.R. Horton office near you as found on Find an Office.

Please visit the Careers section of the D.R. Horton website to find out about the opportunities that exist at D.R. Horton.  Once you find a job that interests you, click on the Apply button, create an account and submit your application.  Our Human Resources team will review your qualifications and contact you if there is a match.

To become a vendor, call the D.R. Horton office in your service area as found on Find an Office or complete a Contact Us Form and include your service area, and your service offering.

Please call the D.R. Horton office in your service area as found on the Find an Office.

You can send your email to [email protected] and address it to our Executive management. Your email will be promptly answered.


Both can be correct at the same time. There are different ways to measure your home’s square footage. The livable or heated square footage includes measurements for all rooms of the home but exclude covered porches, balconies and attached garages. The footprint square footage excludes the covered porches and balconies but includes an attached garage. Finally, the total square footage under roof includes all the rooms, attached garages and covered porches and balconies. Also, you may have different square footage depending upon if the measurements are taken from the interior or the home versus the exterior of the home.

We will provide you with a final survey at closing. This will give the pin locations and exact measurements, which will enable your contractor to locate these pins prior to his installation. It is your responsibility to provide this information to your contractors as well as your contractor’s responsibility to verify these measurements, prior to making any improvements to your property. Be sure to check the Covenants and Restrictions for your neighborhood prior to making any alterations to your property, as a written architectural approval is usually required!

Warranty coverage

Trees, shrubs and grass are not warranted after closing unless specifically noted on the Orientation Builders Checklist. However, as a courtesy we will look at any native trees that were left after clearing your lot during the course of your first year to be sure that no damage was done and that proper maintenance is being followed. If we feel that we may have done something that could have caused the problem, we will, at our discretion, have the tree removed and if possible grind the stump. No replacement of trees will be done!

Your lot has been graded per county requirements for proper drainage.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to plant grass or take other measures in non-sodded areas, to prevent erosion and improper drainage from frequent rains. However, as a courtesy, we will fill in any washed out areas around the foundation, utility trenches and other filled areas one time during the course of your warranty period, unless caused by landscaping and grade changes or homeowner construction such as pools, etc. Homeowner is responsible for replacing and maintaining any plants or grass in these areas. After periods of normal rain you can expect water to drain off within 24 hours in most areas and 48 hours in swales. After periods of heavy rain it may take considerably longer.

Damages such as scratched glass, cuts in vinyl flooring, damaged countertops, drywall repairs & paint touch-ups are not warranted after closing. These items must be noted on the Orientation Builders Checklist and taken care of prior to closing. D.R. Horton will not be responsible for paint touch-up matches after closing; however, we will match with the closest Available standard color.

Concrete surfaces will sometimes crack due to normal expansion and contraction and temperature changes; they may also develop cracks from soil movement underneath due to rain, evaporation, etc. Most cracks have no structural significance and are of no concern. Cracks in garage, driveway, walkway and patio that are in excess of 1/4 inch in width or vertical displacement , and foundation cracks greater than 1/8 inch, will be repaired in accordance with your home warranty. We will make necessary repairs to correct these conditions in accordance with your home warranty.
D.R. Horton will not be responsible for color variations when repairs are required!

Roof issues will be covered for the first year in accordance with your home warranty. A Materials Warranty will be provided and covered by the manufacturer; this is usually 15 to 20 years depending on the shingles used.

Ceramic tile, grout, and wall tile issues will be covered for the first year in accordance with your home warranty. If tiles or grout are to be replaced, D.R. Horton does not assume the responsibility for color variations or die lot matches.

D.R. Horton provides 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service through our plumbing contractor. You will be provided an emergency number for this purpose. We would like for you to contact our warranty department the next business day as well so that we may make any necessary visits to evaluate the problem and reduce the chance of other concerns.