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beyond traditional

live modern

by D.R. Horton | Central Florida

Modern. Personal. You.

Home is an expression, let it reflect your style. Start with our elevated design and make the rest yours. Live Modern in Central Florida.

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Defining curb appeal.

Our most popular floorplans have gotten a facelift.

Our new, modern designs were created with you in mind. We've given you the foundation, now it's your turn to make it yours.

Modern details.

You're getting off to a good start.

Our homes always carry the same quality, but Live Modern homes focus on minimal and sleek design details. Modern flooring, fixtures, and doors are highlighted by bright white walls with grey accents.

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Beautiful and smart.

Every D.R. Horton home comes with the Home Is Connected® smart home package. You’ll never be far from home, learn more now.

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